Discernment Counseling

You just aren’t happy anymore.

The effort being put in to make things isn’t even. And if we’re being honest, that effort is only being put in by one person.

There are mixed feelings about ending it. One of you sees that as the only solution, but the other one is still holding out hope that it will get better.

Often, you find yourself wondering if it’s even worth it to try and fix.

If these thoughts reflect the current dynamic in your relationship, it could be time to pursue discernment counseling.

What is Discernment Counseling?

Discernment counseling is a short-term intervention, with a maximum of 5 sessions, each lasting 1.5-2 hours. Unlike traditional marriage counseling, the goal is not to start to solve the problems in the relationship. Rather, to give couples more confidence in their decision making.

An important point to mention is that discernment counseling is not for couples where one of the parties has already decided that they want a divorce. In discernment counseling, the assumption is that both parties are still considering restoring the health of the marriage but are unsure whether this is the best option.

Man and woman sitting with back to each other on couch for discernment counseling in Texas. They are deciding whether or not to get divorced and need a discernment counselor to help with online therapy in Texas from Dallas, TX counselor Jennifer Gay.

Common Reasons Couples Pursue Discernment Counseling

Every relationship is different. As a couple, sometimes things happen that we aren’t ready for. This can take a toll on the relationship. Additionally, it can make us reconsider futures that previously seemed set in stone. While every couple pursues discernment counseling for a variety of reasons, here a few common reasons:

  • Having different expectations of the relationship
  • Not feeling “heard” by the other partner
  • Feeling unsure if the relationship is “worth it”
  • Not knowing the next step to take

Explore this article to learn about other reasons couples pursue discernment counseling. 

Discernment Counseling Can Help

This can all be very difficult to navigate. For some of us, feeling unsure about the future of our relationship can be unsettling.  Additionally, it can feel incredibly scary and isolating. Luckily, starting discernment counseling can help you and your partner make the best decision for your relationship.

As a discernment counselor, I have worked with many couples who are going through the same thing you are right now. Furthermore, I have helped these couples make the best decision for their relationship. You aren’t alone in making this tough decision.

A couple sit in a therapist's office. They are going through discernment counseling in Texas with Rethink Therapy.

My Approach to Discernment Counseling in Texas

In discernment counseling, my goal is for you and your partner to be on the same page regarding your relationship. Our time together in discernment counseling will be a collaborative process that requires everyone’s input. In these sessions, everyone’s opinion’s and feelings can be explored. Because, really, it’s part of the reason that you’re in the situation you’re currently in. The goal is not to “persuade” one person that their feelings are wrong. But instead, we aim to consider all options and feelings. We do this to ensure that you both feel confident in the decision about the next steps.

As your discernment counselor, I will challenge you to consider things you may not have considered before. I’ll encourage you to think about other perspectives to see the situation in a different light. Additionally, I’ll prompt you to explore options that you may have felt was not previously on the table. Through this collaborative process, I will provide you both with support and assistance to aid you in considering the future of your relationship.

Begin Discernment Counseling in Texas

Things in your relationship have been really tough. The dynamic is not what you want it to be. You’ve both decided that this is bigger than you, and you need help. Discernment counseling can help you navigate the future of your relationship. As a discernment counselor, I have helped many couples just like you. We’ve worked together to come up with the best decision for their relationship. When you’re ready to begin your journey in discernment counseling, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a consultation.
  2. Get to know me, Jennifer, as your new discernment counselor.
  3. Together, make the best decision for your relationship.

Other Mental Health Services Provided in Texas

Discernment counseling isn’t the only service I provide. Previously, I worked with clients in my Dallas based counseling clinic. I see clients in my  Dallas based counseling clinic  as well as offer online therapy throughout Texas. In addition to discernment counseling, I provide marriage counseling. I also provide individual therapy. Additionally, I also have extensive experience working with all members of the LGBTQ+ community and in providing LGBTQ+ affirming therapy. I can’t wait to meet you!


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