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It might feel like you’ve been having the same fight for months, even years.

Every time it’s slightly different, but the feelings it brings up are always the same. The worst thing is that you don’t know what will set it off next. A simple argument about the dishes might turn into a full-blown fight about who said what.

How long can we go on like this? Is it time for marriage counseling or couples therapy?

The tension, anger, and resentment has been building up for some time. It’s hard to imagine being apart, but it’s painful to stay together. You’re stuck in a negative cycle and it’s hard to know how to change it. With demanding jobs, children, and other obligations, there is no time to talk, have a date night, or have sex.

What you’ve tried to help your marriage hasn’t worked.

Perhaps you’ve made attempts to reconnect, to be the bigger person, only to feel ignored and betrayed. You might have tried to make things better, only to be told to “get off my back, you’re always nagging me!”. Distance, resentment, silence. Repeat. It’s like a non-funny version of Groundhog Day. If this sounds like the dynamic of your relationship, it could be time to consider to consider marriage counseling. 

A couple embraces each other on the couch. They are much happier after starting marriage counseling in Dallas Fort Worth with marriage counselor Jennifer Gay through Rethink Therapy.

Common Reasons Couples Start Marriage Counseling

Every relationship is different and comes with its’ own baggage. Further, couples start marriage counseling for different reasons. Through my experience as a marriage counselor, here are some common reasons couples have started marriage counseling:

  • Have a tough time trusting each other
  • Unmet sexual needs
  • Different expectations in the relationship
  • Having different communication styles
  • Deciding if ending the relationship is the best option
  • Needing support navigating the challenges of a nontraditional relationship

These are only a few of the many reasons couples pursue marriage counseling. To learn about other reasons couples start marriage counseling, explore this article.

Marriage Counseling in Dallas, TX or Online Marriage Counseling in Texas Can Help

I get it. Things in your relationship are not going according to plan. It feels like nothing works. You often think that it’s because you, or maybe your partner, is always doing something wrong. This is exhausting and can be isolating. But, you should know that you’re not alone. Many couples have been exactly where you are. How do I know? I’ve helped those couples! As a marriage counselor, I’ve worked with many couples at different points in their relationship. In addition, I’ve worked with couples experiencing a wide range of issues. Through marriage counseling, they’ve been able to improve their relationship and happiness with the each other.

It’s not necessarily what you do, but it’s what you do after what you have done, that is the key to good communication.

A couple leans in close to each other. They are feeling more connected after starting marriage counseling in Dallas Fort Worth with Rethink Therapy. Their marriage counselor, Jennifer Gay, makes them feel understood and listened to.

So, what are you waiting for?

For your relationship to improve?

This might be something you need outside support for. It doesn’t mean that’s there’s something wrong with you or that “you aren’t trying hard enough.”

Instead, it means that sometimes relationships are really hard. And, if you’re brave enough to admit it, you need someone else to step in and guide you through it.

My Approach to Marriage Counseling in Dallas, TX

There is no need to suffer any longer! Don’t risk your happiness and connection because of fear or stubbornness. Marriage counseling offers a calm, structured environment where everyone can be heard and feel understood.

As a marriage counselor, I’ll provide a space where you can express yourself fully. I will listen both to what you say and to what you don’t say. This is important, as it can help to identify the underlying issues beneath the surface disagreements.

We will deal with the individual negative patterns each person brings to the relationship. In addition, we’ll find ways you can change them.

As an experienced marriage counselor, I’m here to help.


If you are at the point of needing support, please call! Your relationships are too important. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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