Counseling for Affair Recovery in Dallas Fort Worth


There’s been some infidelity in the relationship.

Wow, that’s a hard thing to acknowledge and accept. You and your partner are having a hard time moving past it. Or, you’re struggling to even acknowledge the fact that it happened. Wherever you are on that spectrum, it’s taking a toll on your relationship. You want to make it work. But, you just don’t know what the next step is. If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from affair recovery in Dallas Fort Worth.

You don’t have to navigate the impacts of an affair by yourself.

Counseling for Affair Recovery Can Help Your Relationship

Navigating life after an affair can be extremely difficult. Infidelity can take a really big toll on relationships. Often, we’re not quite sure how to move on from them.  After years of helping couples to navigate affair recovery, I’ve seen the impact this can have. And, for some people, it’s not quite clear what the next step is. Do you make it work? Do you break it off? What will this look like? These are all tough questions that don’t have clear cut answers for every situation. Recovering from an affair in DFW can be tricky. But, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Affair recovery counseling with Rethink Therapy can help you to determine the next step for you and your relationship.

Common Reasons to Start Affair Recovery Counseling

Every relationship is impacted differently by an affair. Often, this is the case because each relationship has different dynamics. So, each affair looks different. With this in mind, I have seen a common theme of why people pursue therapy for affair recovery. Here are a few common reasons why people start therapy for affair recovery in Dallas, TX:

  • Finding out about the affair without the other partner telling them.
  • Not sure what the next step in the relationship.
  • Having a really tough time moving on from the affair.
  • Needing an unbiased outside perspective on the situation.
A couple sit in an office for their counselor in University Park, TX. They are going through counseling for affair recovery in Dallas, TX  with Rethink Therapy 75205.

Your actions are so loud I can’t hear a word you are saying.

An individual buttons their jacket. They have decided to start affair recovery in DFW with Rethink Therapy. Rethink Therapy offers online therapy in Dallas, TX. Jennifer, the online therapist in Dallas, TX, also offers online marriage counseling in Dallas, TX 75206.

Counseling for Affair Recovery in Dallas, TX with Rethink Therapy Is The Next Step

As an online marriage counselor in DFW, I am all too familiar with the trials and tribulations that come along with recovering from an affair in Dallas, TX. I’ve worked with couples all over the map. These couples come to me from Highland Park, University Park, and Preston Hallows. Of course, each couple has had a different path. But, starting counseling for affair recovery with Rethink Therapy can help you to determine the decision that makes sense for your relationship. For some people that start counseling for affair recovery, that looks like working through the affair. For others, that means picking up the pieces and moving on. There’s no ‘right’ thing to do when recovering from an affair. But, affair recovery in Dallas, TX can help you find the right thing for your situation.


My Approach to Affair Recovery Therapy

As a therapist in Dallas, TX, I love working with people deciding their next steps. For some, it’s navigating patterns that have been problematic and working through them. For others, it’s deciding to become more intentional with their life and decisions. As a counselor in Dallas, TX, I can help you figure what is your next step. However, I will not sugar coat it. As an experienced therapist in both providing online therapy and in-person therapy in DFW, I know my stuff. I know that being honest with people is the most helpful thing for people wanting to make a change. In affair recovery, you can bet that I’ll be very honest with you.

Begin Counseling for Affair Recovery in Dallas, TX:

Recovering from an affair in DFW can be tricky. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Counseling for affair recovery can help you figure out what you’re next steps are. As an experienced online therapist in Dallas, TX, I’m well-versed in all things affair recovery. When you’re ready to begin counseling for affair recovery, follow these steps:

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  1. Schedule a consultation.
  2. Get to know me as your new therapist in Dallas, TX
  3. Begin your affair recovery. 


Other Counseling Services Offered in Texas

Affair recovery in DFW isn’t the only service I provide. I see clients in my  Dallas based counseling clinic  as well as offer online therapy throughout Texas. This means I can see anyone in the state to help work through all of the things that are thrown at us. As an online therapist in Dallas, TX, I have experience providing LGBTQ affirming therapy and working with folks in  polyamorous relationships. In addition, I offer trauma therapy and relationship counseling for one.  For couples, I provide marriage counseling and discernment counseling.


If you are at the point of needing support, please call! Your relationships are too important. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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