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You didn’t plan for things to be like this. You know things could be better… but where do you even start?

Your Actions Are So Loud I Can’t Hear A Word You’re Saying

Let’s be honest, your relationships aren’t all going well. It’s probably a pattern that you’ve noticed, or maybe you haven’t noticed this pattern yet. Surprise: it’s probably a pattern. In addition, communication might not be your thing. And maybe it’s not just in intimate relationships. This could be in your professional and social life. Overall, things aren’t going super. If this sounds familiar, relationship counseling for singles could be a good fit for you.

Counseling in Dallas, TX Could Be The Place To Start

It feels like you’re running on empty. Things aren’t great, but you’ve learned to survive. But that’s the thing: you’re just surviving. You’ve been dealing with the same issues for a long time. You might start to wonder whether things will always be like this. Furthermore, you might question if this is your fault. Did you do something wrong at some point? What could you have done better? It’s a vicious cycle. When people come to therapy, they are usually struggling with questions such as:

Getting less than what you give in relationships.

Feeling uninspired. 

Not feeling happy.

Don’t feel understood.

Difficulty controlling emotions.

Feeling lonely. 

Individual Therapy Can Help

If those issues resonated with you, you could likely benefit from starting individual therapy in Dallas, TX. In counseling, I take a few different approaches. If you feel like you struggle with setting boundaries and communicating effectively, relationship counseling for singles could be a great option. In addition, I provide trauma therapy to help you deal with the aftermath of trauma. I also provide LGBTQ and poly affirming therapy.

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Maybe Your Relationship Isn’t Going Well. Where Did The Connection And Closeness Go?

Relationships can be tough to navigate. Each couple has a different dynamic, experience, and expectation. When couples come to marriage counseling, they commonly use words like “frustrated”, “distant” or “disconnected”.

In marriage counseling, we take a closer look. When we start exploring what those phrases mean, we uncover many things. We find that teamwork has deteriorated over time. The constant fighting is getting out of hand. And the sex… Ha! Yeah right! The tension and discouragement are becoming too much to handle. It feels like you have to walk on eggshells around each other. It’s exhausting.

A couple lays in bed with their faces touching. They are feeling happy after starting marriage counseling in Dallas, TX with Rethink Therapy.

Before starting marriage counseling, getting through these issues can be difficult.  With these issues unresolved, you might be thinking:

That you have too many needs. 

Anything you bring up will start an argument.

About what your partner is thinking. Wondering if they’re just as bothered.

Good News: Marriage Counseling Can Help

I can help by creating a space where you can get what you need to rebuild trust and intimacy. Sometimes that could be a space where you can express yourself fully and feel understood. Sometimes what is needed is a very loving kick in the butt! Marriage counseling can provide you that.

How A Marriage Counselor Can Help

Since you are inside your relationship, it is difficult to take a step back and see the patterns in the chaos, the structure under the turmoil. That’s why working with a marriage counselor is vital. Identifying and breaking negative patterns is crucial to improving your life and relationships. A   marriage counselor can do just that. It is not uncommon for people to say things in session like “no one had ever pointed that out before” – a new clarity and hope ensues after such moments.

Although complicated issues don’t have overnight fixes, my goal is to help you feel better from the very first session. As a marriage counselor, I’m aware that there is no time to waste! The pain and constant fighting must stop – fast. Beginning marriage counseling in Dallas, TX might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Meet Jennifer, Counselor in Texas

Counselors are trained to spot patterns and beliefs that you might not be aware of. None of us grow up in ideal circumstances. As children, we do the best we can to navigate the confusing world we inhabit.

We create our own ways of reacting to situations, people, and emotions. Although these can help us to feel safe as young people, some of these behaviors can become ineffective or even damaging later in life.

I won’t sugar coat it: it is hard to spot them on your own, and it is hard to change them without help! A therapist is a guide that can help you to create your own map of the world, so you can live your own definition of joy and fulfillment.

I’m not a sit-and-nod type of therapist. I believe that although change is hard, it doesn’t have to take forever! I will offer insight and solutions, not just a listening ear.


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